Residential Bathroom Designers

As important as the rest of your rooms, the bathroom plays a cruical role as part of your living space. Execution and planning a stylish and functional bathroom is something which many overlook, considering the amount of time you spend there. It may be your private space but getting a cost-effective, yet elegant design can make it a subject of envy for others. And why not!  Bathroom designing has evolved from just planning the necessities to chic looking dispensers, elegant storage spaces, vanity units, and a more open space. These are a few tips to consider while planning the design for your perfect bathroom

Work on a theme that best fits you

A beautiful theme can convert even the simplest and smallest of all bathrooms into an exciting zone. Based on your bath area, there are several themes to choose from nowadays. A theme is essentially a creative placement of colors, accessories and other features to blend in with your emotional vibe.

Do you have a vibrant personality, or do you just prefer it to be a botanical setting, modern meets vintage or a plain black and white theme, the perfect team of bathroom designers can give you a result that gels in with your personality and style? It is always best to have a unique theme in place for your bathroom.  An experienced interior designer can guide you effectively when it comes to perfecting your bathroom design.

Ventilation and Lighting are the Keys

The right kind of lighting and ventilation helps to give that special glow to your bath space. In addition to a better view and breathing space, these can also provide a spacious effect to your bath area.

Creative Display of Space

An exquisite bathroom design will include an artistic utilization of your area. The choice of colors also plays a major role in giving an elaborate touch to your bath area. For instance, lighter shades create an elaborate effect on the space.

When it comes to designing your bathroom, there is space to bring in unconventional décor ideas. Here at Bella Vita, we work towards revolutionizing how you view your bathroom. By blending in art and style with convenience, we give you a range of customized options in bathroom décor.

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