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As the concepts of vintage, classic and contemporary have emerged, so has the changes in architecture and interior design. A residence is no longer limited to your customary four-room house. Offering a classic ambiance to customers or residents is a major challenge for many. Here at Bella Vita, we assist you to create the perfect home interior decoration that oozes class. To give a classic atmosphere to your villa, careful consideration needs to be given to the design elements. When perfectly designed with these tips, your villa will showcase a classic ambiance, combined with that traditional touch.

Spacious Interiors

One important factor which sets villas apart from houses is the space. A classic villa interior decoration should be able to blend in timeless quality with a grand ambiance. While showcasing its grandeur, a team of professional designers makes sure the classic touch is given with a resourceful utilization of space.

Not only will it help to provide the traditional effect, but it will also maximize its elegance and beauty.  Whether it is for a living room interior décor or palace interior design, an artistic blend of space and style is of at most importance.

Interior Styling and Decoration

Villas, including classic villas, come in all styles. Are you looking at a purely traditional style or a modern meets vintage design? Whatever your choice is, a designer can assist you by incorporating your style through the designs and furnishings.

Classic Furnishings and Installations

From ceiling fans and chandeliers to wall hangings, these define the aesthetics and grandeur of a palace. A classic villa designer gives significant priority to these elements and combines them to provide an atmosphere of timeless beauty and comfort.

An interior designer not only provides installations and furnishings of the highest quality, but also offer custom-made products.


While curtains are the major attraction to any residence as they give it a relaxing ambiance, so is the case of villas. The choice of curtains is an integral part of the design, with the ability to either lift or put off your mood.

We at Bella Vita offer a range of interior designing services that are best suited to your villa, palace or residential property.


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