Majlis Interior Designs for Government Offices

The term ‘Majlis’ is used to describe a parliament or similar governmental building found in Middle East and North African countries. Bella Vita are the global leaders when it comes to designing and implanting elaborate Majlis designs for administrative spaces. If you are someone who is eager to create the prefect majlis setting, a majlis interior design company such as Bella Vita is your best bet. We employ a team of experienced designers who can help you in this regard. With their expertise and knowledge, we can deliver a unique and creative design based on your specific requirements.

Factors to Consider in a Majlis Interior Design Project

A a number of crucial factors that come into play while designing a majlis for a governmental building. Listed below are some of the crucial factors to help you in your decision.

Its Purpose & Ambiance

A Majlis is an area of sitting for you to connect with your guests. As such it needs to be built with comfort and space in mind. Usually the most spacious space with your office building is where the majlis design is implemented. As such the final design needs to factor in the space of the room and must be cozy and elegant on the whole. An elegantly created Majlis will make it the centre of everyone’s attention.

Keep it unique

When one thinks of a Majlis, traditional is the first word that comes to one’s mind. A reception or a room which acts a legislative council, is an ideal place to showcase Arabic culture and as such special attention needs to be given to it. A creatively outlined Majlis gives you a peep into how Arabic culture has had an effect on Architecture.

Is there any particular style you are looking at? You can either keep it simple, classy or contemporary. Based on your creative ideas and concepts, our team of designers will assist you in creating the perfect public office setting.

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